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ADULT BEGINNERS Swing & Kick Jive are 6 week courses, next one starts on Monday 8th May at Kenilworth, Bedworth starts on Wed 10th & Thursday 11th is at Overslade Community Centre Rugby. Full address details further down this page.  

This Swing style suits Rock n Roll music, and is where R'n'R dancing came from. See Basic footwork

If the music is slower, we use different footwork

If you want to see one of our Party Dances, The Cheeseburger, then copy paste this link into your URL 

What we do, is teach small groups of people, with a max class size of 30-40.This means we can give good, individual, help & tips. Alistair always uses a head mike, to make sure everyone hears easily.

MONDAY 8.00 The Copperhouse Club (Formally The British Legion),


WEDS 8.00 The Ex Servicemens Club Rye Piece Ringway BEDWORTH CV12 8JH 

WEDSSee for details of Birmingham

THURS: 7.30Overslade Community Centre

Buchanan Road RUGBY CV22 6AY

If you book the course, and pay in advance, you get 6 lessons for the price of 5. Pay as you go, JUST £7 per evening (Bedworth £5) under 16's £4 Social entrance £4.


You can join us on any date (except week 6), as we start each lesson with Beginners footwork and you do not have to bring a partner, (though it helps) as we work a rotation system (with a provision for those who do not want to rotate or have a cold).

We also do a weekly Cardiac Rehabilitation session for the QE Hospital in Birmingham, teaching people with heart problems.

We desire to run a professional club, in the way we would have liked to have been taught, so we even detail all the beginners lessons in writing. Want a new social circle? We provide access. Want to meet like minded people, ideal chance. Do 1940's Re-enacting? The perfect accessory! Want to know more? Ring Alistair on 07968988442

I cannot remember them all, but we have attended a LOT of dance workshops with teachers from all over the world, and have learnt from Frankie Manning, Julie Oram, Simon Selmon, Gary & Sara Boon, Rob (Van Haaren) & Dianne, Kevin St Laurent (First with Carla, later with Jo), Marcus & Barbl, Steve & Heidi, James & Bridget, Mike & Mel, Joseph Sewell, Mel & Jo Calanglang, Trisha Sewell, Alan Axon (All Ruzzit Buzzit), Marc & Hoc, Paul & Debbie, Paul & Fae, Nicky & Jim, Surrey Jive, Francis & Andy, Dai & Sharon, Ryan & Jenny and last, but also first for Alistair, Dancin Dave.

Public Liability : £2,000,000
Employers Liability : £10,000,000

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